Jumat, 26 April 2013

English For Fun Program in Mc Donald's

Recently we have joined a cooperation with McDonald's Mataram Mall to held an Event that we called "English For Fun", this program will give an opportunity to all McDonald's costumers to feel and of course learn how to speak English in a different way. we applied the same methods that we used on Janpau English Academy to teach English on our student at this event. So basically they will get a free English Lesson just like our student received at Janpau English Academy. Here's the sneak speak of our event :

we also have 30 vouchers to give for the McDonald's costumers, if they buy one "Paket Panas Medium (PCRMD)" they will get 1 voucher to join us on English For Fun Program.
that's it for today,,
Thank you, 

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