Jumat, 11 Januari 2013

Good News! New Course is Arrived

Hooray! Dyned Kids is here! It's a new course!This groundbreaking course uses DynEd's advanced language sequencing to prepare students for academic English. DynEd Kids has complete series of courses that support English acquisition focused on children from 5 through 12 years old. The main content is presented and practiced through animation-based listening and comprehension lessons, vocabulary exercises, and five different types of games to build both listening and reading comprehension. The course introduces new techniques mixing audio, visual and text prompts to develop working-memory skills which are required by students for being able to speak English very well and properly.

Finally,, we hope you guys will be able to study and have fun with this course soon, and remember not to be bored too soon, 'coz we have a lot more to give :)
Bless you all,
Bye !!!

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