Senin, 14 Januari 2013

About Gengki English!

Genki English is one of the most popular kids ESL & EFL (ESL stands for English as a Second Language and EFL stands for English as a Foreign Language ) teaching resources on the net, with over 2000 visitors a day.
In  Japanese the word "Gengki" means "fun", "lively", "energetic", or "full of life" even though I couldn't find the exact word in  English (until now while  I'm  writing this post :) ). Gengki English itself gives the techniques and confidence for teachers to teach  English  in a "fun way" so the students will not get bored; specially kids in elementary school. They absolutely love it and will be begging for more!. Take a look at this video below,it will show you how fun it is for a class to learn English using Gengki English,


fun,isn't it? (Tell me about it :) ),this is the kind of fun situation that we "always" have in Janpau English Academy while study  English  because we use Gengki as part of our curriculum, 
at the end of this post,I would like to say that there's a lot of fun ways that we could use to teach you (kids and adults) how to learn English; both oral and written.
Stay tuned people,,

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