Selasa, 19 Februari 2013

"What's the weather like?" from Gengki English Perform by Rainbow Class Janpau English Academy

"What's the weather like?" is one of Gengki English Song that we just performed yesterday, It tells the children a various answer of weather condition everyday. This song has purpose to teach the children how to tell a certain weather condition in English and of course we're doing it in fun way by using a different movement for each weather condition that we sing. here is the video that we recorded yesterday, watch and see by yourselves :)

so,what do you think? interesting ? (of course it is),,
with this video you can tell how far your children has improved since the last time he studied English before came to our place.
that's it for today,see you soon every one... 

Kamis, 07 Februari 2013


Congratulation to Darren!you are our January's Student of The Month,we all think that you deserved to receive this certificate along with the title.

For your information,Darren is good with his attendance, follows the recommended procedures of his courses of study, and also he has higher score than his friend on his class.
at last,we hope that you won't stop here to get even better than today,good luck and,

Selasa, 05 Februari 2013


It's Fun! this song which we called "bingo" has made our cutest kiddie class gets down!, they participated with  enthusiasm, you guys can check it out on video that we attached with this post. it's like everybody have their own style when sang this song together with Mr.Paul and Ms.Janti, even i could not resist to sing this song. Here it is...

hahaha, really excited,isn't it?!,so what are you waiting for,,we still have plenty of ways to make your children want to study  English in fun way,and we'll be glad to see your children's own style when singing this "bingo" song :).